Baroque parking

VŠVU Bratislava, 2009

Studio theme was to fuse and hybridize two different things in architecture: baroque and car park. Baroque architecture has its own rules and characteristics. It is visible the most in geometry, that is made of variations of three basic principles, convex, concave and linear lines.
I combined the curve system of baroque with radiuses of cars in different speeds. The velocity of car is gradualy slowed down with the geometry.

Principle of geometrical parking on circles. Matrix of cicles

Matrix and its three baroque systems

Road geometry, without crossroads. The bigger is the circle, the bigger is the speed of car. Taking the road ouf of matrix

Matrix, three possible roads and its shape derivates according to baroque systems

At once public staircase and Human evolution gallery

Car park

Road, and two types of spaces (indside and outside characteristics)

Roads and its spreading for parking