Défis de Bois - Temps cadré

wood workshop, Épinal 2010
with Danica Pištekováand other students of VŠVU and other French schools

"Un paysage est toujours construit par le regard de celui qui scrute l’horizon. Même bloquée par d’épais murs en pierre, la vue n’est pas donnée. Ici, un platelage suspendu montre la direction et des membrures ligaturées dressent les limites. Enfin deux bras terminaux tendus vers le lointain nous guident sur le chemin."

A landscape is always constructed through the eyes of one who scans the horizon. "Temps cadré" is a small castle window, that is giving the view from our specific given site at Epinal castle ruins. We are creating similar window, with similar effect - there is only one direction from where to look out of the window. All ribs togoether give impression and shape of the new window. Man can walk throug these ribs like through time, in whitch every step is shaped variously. Finally both arms outstretched toward the distant terminal guide us on the way.

Project got price for joint construction.

First sketch

Model on site

All joints are knit up by rope/twine.

Structure before hanging

Videoclip shows all projects and participants, but in quite different view: