VŠVU Bratislava, 2011/2012
with Adriana Debnárová and Katarína Máčková

Project brings a new (or oldchool) building technique, whitch is tested on VŠVU campus site at Drotárska cesta.
At the beginning there was a lot of test in stretching, materiality, stretching possibilities, functions and disfunctions. How to create space was the question. Then we came to a solution, nylon net strengthened by latex, that can be easily replaced with another adequate materials in different scale.
With different models, testing, campus situations and problems we came to broad palette of types, mistakes, special behaviour of material, its tearing, transparency and other properties. We wanted to know, what can our structure do, what are the oportunities that this approach it offers. Important is a question, how to connect two and more cells together. We solved it by a trunk that connects same-size trunk of the other cell. With that system, we can make a hierarchy out ot of it.
Cells have theirs specialisation, mainly for living, but other for auditorium, lecture rooms, water-tower and so.

For campus itself, is based on Otto-Frei thread diagram. First, there are points of interest, like entrances, different comunity cells, site points, and straight lines are connecting them. Then are this lines bent together in their intersections.

References: bone cells and structure. Building process

Surface articulations

Catalogue of cells

Site, connection to university and fragment of model


Construction layers