VŠVU campus

with Peter Stec, Ján Studený, Víto Halada, Júlia Kolláthová, Tomáš Amtmann and others

VŠVU academy is spread in three different locations. This projects aims to unite the academy and provide a campus with full facilities on Drotárska cesta, where the main buildings resides now. It sits on a hill, with specific views and topography. I was working on integrating the landscape into campus project. Proposed pavilions are extensions of module of current building by architects Dušan Kuzma and later Ján Bahna. They maintain the level of building, and are connected by bridges, or are facing the main circulation road. Trees are planted in similar manner, higher trees are on lower levels of topography and lower trees are planted on the top, so they are in level with pavilions.
Modular pavilions can be build in time according the financial situation and need.

Renders by Tomáš Amtmann