at Rundzwei

Papercloud is a lamp chandelier, made out of cheap IKEA standard lamp shades REGOLIT. We designed three ways of clustering these lamp shades in a cloud-like lamp. Each has a different meanings and outcomes, producing variety of options and sizes for different spaces.
A caffeine molecule lamp design is being manufactured for office meeting room.

Finished prototype - modified H2O molecule

Sizes of lamp shades available on the market can be related to the sizes of individual atom sizes of chemical elements. Properties of these elements lead to a limited options of possible combinations, what can be seen in real molecule structures. Easily distinguishable and known molecules are choosen, if their shape is suitable for a lamp.

Caffeine + 15 circlepacked balls (AC15)

5 balls + DLA variation

Fiber material variation

Chunky material variation

Mold material variation

2 lamps connection building guide

2 lamps connection building guide

hanging variations