Cane niche

workshop with painter-artists, 2012
with 4 students of VŠVU Katedra maľby and Katedra architektúry

Workshop "Ephemeral interventions" created many small pieces, ideas and interventions, the largest one is a Street niche built out of cane and wicker wood. Idea comes from closed doors to university areal that no one opened a long time ago. By opening it, we provided new view, light and perspective to existing space. However, this space supposed to be divided from the street. We tried to find a structure that will divide, but at the same time attract people to look inside, to step onto university ground of Koceľova street 23, hidden behind a wall.

Structure is attached to opened gate, made out of wicker rods and knitted by raw cane.

harvest site


building skeleton structure


ephemeral studio